I have always loved food but not always the right kind of food and while my appetite has been healthy not all my food choices have been.

In the run up to my wedding in 2013 I eliminated and restricted so many food groups and in the processes essential nutrients and fats in an attempt to loose inches for my wedding. I restricted carbs and meat, completely cut out dairy, avoided fats (even healthy fats) yet still rewarded myself with binges on sugary treats. While I did lose those inches I also gained painful bloating, stomach cramps and one stressed digestive system. I was so focused on measuring calories and my waist size rather than thinking about what my body needed. If I wanted to be pain free I had to reevaluate my approach to food.

This past year I have been re-educating myself on what foods to eat to nourish my body .There are so many different and contradictory diet lifestyles out there and 1000’s of books and blogs advocating these – Vegan, Raw, Vegetarian, Dairy Fee, Paleo, Budwig, Alkaline, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, the list goes on. It can get confusing! I don’t live by any one of these instead I have found my happy tummy when I eat as clean and balanced as possible. That means I am mindful about my portions and enjoy all food groups in moderation. As a general rule I avoid gluten (I’m not coeliac I just feel less bloated without it), refined sugars, poor quality dairy, refined carbohydrates and buy organic when possible. However I don’t believe you should deny yourself and so if I desperately crave that gooey slice of chocolate cake. I will have it too. The most important lesson I have learned is to listen to my body which instinctively means I eat what makes me feel good both physically and emotionally.

Reading many of the amazing healthy cookbooks and blogs out there has really inspired me to cook as much as I can from scratch and to really enjoy doing it in the process. I spend hours pouring over recipes and planning out weekly meals. My husband laughs that I run home from work every Thurs to see what has arrived in our weekly delivery of local, organic vegetables. Honestly it’s one of the highlights of my week! I am by no means an expert in diet and nutrition, all I know is what has worked for me and my happy tummy but I hope that by sharing my enthusiastic musings on all things healthy I can inspire you just as I have been.



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